What is drowsiness?

Intermediate state between wakefulness and sleep
In the brain first !

What is HypoEEg?

  • Real time detection of drowsiness using mono-signal EEG sensor.
  • Less than 1% of non-detection error.
  • WavBrain HypoEEg: the result of three technological advances:
  • The miniaturization of EEG brain wave sensors.
  • Real time analysis of brain signals (one sensor) using AI.
  • AI algorithms embedded on the sensor.
  • Fully embedded drowsiness detection system
  • No need for server connexion: GDPR conformity.
  • Visual, sonor or vibration alarm:
  • 2 states: drowsy or awake
  • 3 levels: low, medium or high risk (over time)

Why HypoEEg?

  • Unique calibration per user.
  • Light and fully embedded system that can easily be integrated into glasses, headsets,… .
  • No need for specific infrastructure or central connexion.
  • Secure, customizable, efficient… closer to the source of the problem.

What about HypoEEg performance?


  • 60 subjects
  • Age: 18 to 25 (median age: 21)
  • 78% F, 22% M
  • 2 acquisitions per subject: 9AM et 6MP
  • No sleep trubles
  • Karolinska Drowsiness Test (EEG data)
  • Single calibration at 9AM